Is VitraCash Metaverse future proof?

Are we ready?

Movies like “Free Guy” and “Ready Player One” or series like Black Mirror show really good how the metaverse / future could be. But as long as it’s not affordable for at least the “middle class” it gonna fail. We are still super far away from such technology like in “Ready Player One”. The closest one is this one KAT Walk C: First PERSONAL VR Treadmill | WALK Into the OASIS! - YouTube so you can walk like in real life but still costs 1,500 $ together with a good VR Headset which would be another 800+ $ and a PC who could handle it with 1,500 $ it get’s easily super expensive.

So even if Vitra is not ready, there is plenty of time to develop something and they should focus for now fully on the “real world” befor they move into the virtual one.

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Great film!

I agree @Kastello regarding focus.

In the UK at least, there has been mass adoption of virtual working and shift in working patterns away from being physically located that for many companies is to become the new normal. It was always going to happen but C-19 accelerated this and associated tech/apps became widely available to the general public. Certainly in my industry being located in a city for employment is no longer required, opening up possibilities of working in remote locations yet linked virtually, making living in expensive, over populated cities, in my opinion, less relevant going forward.

This is not the metaverse, but a tiny step towards that direction.

Then I think do I miss being surrounded by people, where previously I would get a private tour on holiday, after flying there in the highest class of cabin to avoid sitting next people, arriving at my private villa and pool, to then go to the cinema and look for the premium seat with extra space around me, then for dinner in a private tasting room in the restaurant, to then finally come home in my car rather than public transport, to a detached house with an acre of land around me :laughing: (disclaimer: not based, entirely, on my experiences).

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Meta crypto took 25% hit the other day as people weren’t taking it up.

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