Is this normal for your country?

Okay; so this has NOTHING to do with Vitra, which is why I’ve slapped it into #chat.

My husband and I were discussing this topic earlier & I’m intrigued as to what the standard is around different areas of the world, or in general what your view is.

Moving out of an apartment or home

When you’ve been renting an apartment or house and you’re moving out, or you owned an apartment or house and have sold it, is it an unwritten rule that the person leaving those premises either cleans the property themselves or pay for it to be done in your country/homeland or in general, would you?

The reason I ask is, living in Sweden, all Swedes take pride in cleaning the property before moving out and handing the keys over, but it isn’t a written rule.

Being a native Brit, it isn’t an written rule to do this in the UK, and quite a large portion of the people in the UK won’t or don’t do it.

I’ve seen cases where a landlord hasn’t been able to take money from the tenant’s deposit to recoup cleaning expenses (although the law has more recently changed to allow some movement for this) and it disgusts me.

Whenever I have moved, I’ve always cleaned top to bottom and even repainted walls if they’ve faded out of my own money.

And as usual, the Swedes are doing something without being told to.

So, I’m interested in your own experiences or opinions on this?!

Is it custom in your country/homeland to clean an apartment/house before moving out?

  • Yes
  • No

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In Germany, it’s expected that the person moving out will, for sure, clean the flat. But, also bear in mind that the person moving out will probably take the entire contents of the kitchen (cupboards, appliances, everything even the kitchen sink!) too. Sometimes, even the light fittings are removed. For Brits, that seems very odd indeed.


Oh, I don’t know. There are some Brits who would do that last part :joy:

I find it fascinating how (basically) neighbouring countries differ on these slight issues.


In Austria we are supposed to paint the walls white before moving out :woman_shrugging:


Here in the Czech Republic :czech_republic: you are expected to leave the flat in the same status as it was before you moved in. :house_with_garden: So all damages you made need to be fixed, walls need to be painted as they were, everything should be clean etc. It’s usually in the contract :page_facing_up: as well if I’m not wrong (I live in my own property)…


I’ve rented my UK property on and off since 2010 whenever I was living abroad and my previous house was spotless before the rental started, so my agency then was clear it was expected to be in the same state of cleanliness after the tenancy just with normal wear and tear. One set of tenants complained about the oven being dirty - which was the only part of the house which was - so I paid to have it professionally cleaned, then they left it dirty! So the cost of that clean came out of their deposit. I’m not familiar with there being any difficulties for deducting the cost of cleaning from the deposit as long as the check in and out reports were done properly. I actually found it really hard though deciding what was fair to deduct and what wasn’t, my agency gave me no advice in this regard and the check out report was unbelievably anal when comparing before and after photos. I was left wrestling with my conscience on a few occasions, I’m glad my house now is in an area where I can find more reliable tenants who are more likely to look after it and not keep moving on every 6-12 months.


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