Invitation for Crowdcube Investor


I am an investor in vitracash via Crowdcube. Is there a timeframe for the invitation for the card beeing sent out?

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HI @Cilius ,

the last update we had from the 28/6 found here:
was that there are still no Virtacash is still waiting on Crowdcube to share the data.

Apart from that, Crowdcube still hasn’t transferred us a significant part of the money we raised. They are extremely slow and unresponsive. We will discuss this in another thread.

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A small suggestion cause i - as a crowdcube investor who also still hasn’t got an invite to the investor area and also still no invite for a free card and so - can’t read the “here” link:

It would be nice if stuff would written/discussed in a place where the affected persons can read it.
So maybe post Updates on the Crowdcube and invites to get the card and so on outside the private Investor only part of the forum.

Also as a suggestion: maybe don’t wait for crowdcube to deliver details on investors. Which seems to take forever. But maybe just let users Mail in a proof about the investment and then send back the invites…


My bad, on the link. However I did quote what was written.

@Koray @Ryan, would @mk77 suggestion work?

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