I tried to find it on the website
But not much info

Can i set a standard card to charge that specific card?
Can see VitraCash have go back in time, so is not just curve?
For how long can you move a transaction? Hours, days, weeks?
How does currency exchange works? Is it MasterCard rate? Or my cards? If it’s my cards rate used, what happen if i use go back in time? Will lose money of my card to exchange the refund back
Can you set base currency on your cards?
Do you have to pay delivery fees every time the card expires?
Is there a limit on the exchange amount?


Hi @kimmy_Oksbro , and welcome to Vitracash.

Those questions have already been answered, and not long ago. So, a quick search for “curve” could bring some answers.

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Work in progress

Great exchange rate, okay?