How to pass the assessments

How can pass this assessment i finding very difficult to pass the assessments crowcube

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Hi Junaid

We aren’t able to give you advice on this as we aren’t financial advisors.

Some of the community may be able to give you their opinions though!


The assessments are there to ensure you understand the risks associated with investing on the platform, chances are if you cant pass them you shouldn’t be investing into the businesses on crowdcube, this being said feel free to research and come back when you have more knowledge surrounding the topic and come back to do them.

Sorry for the harsh response but I believe it is the right one.


See below for the Crowdcube page with more detail in regards to what they are doing, provided you pass the assessment and make your own decision on Vitracash is for you or not, it would be great to see another “Crowdcube Investor” on the forum. :slight_smile:

*Edited to provide a bit more guidance, was pressed for time with the original reply


I’m a Crowdcube investor but unfortunately I’m not going to help anyone pass the tests when it’s clear they have no idea what they’re doing.

It might sound rude but if someone can’t answer a multiple question test correctly when it should be usually correctly answered by using simple common sense, then they’re beyond my capabilities.

I apologise if anyone thinks that’s rude, but it would be me they would be coming back to if things go south. No no no!

This is a general statement and is not aimed at anyone in particular.


Don’t worry i understand


I can’t even remember having to answer questions.

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Must be a new thing i think