How can I remove a card after I have added it

How can I remove a card after I have added it?
I am in the latest version of the iOS app and I see no obvious way to do so.

Beside this, sometimes I have to reenter the password even if I have enabled face unlock and I still can’t spend with my VitraCash: transactions reach Vitra but then they are declined.

I thought that they payment issue had been sorted out and I was wondering if some of my cards could be the culprit… that’s why I tried to remove them and I encountered the problem.

Thanks for your help


Hello @jrumi ,

A feature to remove/disable individual cards is not part of the beta app.

Transactions are currently turned off so will all appear to be declined. The issue is not caused by a problem with your cards. My understanding is that the Vitra team will be alerting individual users once transactions are available to them again .


Hi, Martin.
Thanks for taking your time to help me.
It seems to me that the old version did let me remove cards.
I am not using a TestFlight version but the one coming from the regular AppStore.
I must be mistaken but I understood that transactions would be back with this new app release.
By the way, I cannot configure the new app on Android at all: I suspect that it doesn’t like Italy’s international phone prefix.


Hello @jrumi ,

There was an additional release for Android dated 30th March (version number ends 496d). Just make sure you are using this one and not the 28th March release.

When signing in, I’ve noticed you can enter the country code without keying the “+”, eg key just “39” - the app will automatically insert the “+” prefix for you to make it “+39”. Then enter the rest of the mobile number in the second box, as before.


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