Hiw can change my title

I am very happy to announce i will be becoming a investor


How do change my title

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Fantastic news. Regarding the flair @Ryan has the power along with other site admins. Not sure if it will be done on mass after the raise and names are confirmed by Crowdcube.


Hey @Junaid786

As @Steve guessed, we hand the flairs out after the round has closed and money collected as some people may pull out during the cooling off period.

Because the Investor section can sometimes have sensitive information only for investors, we have to confirm you’ve invested and your money collected to get access to it.

This can sometimes take up to a month after the raise due to Crowdcube, but once we have the confirmed list, we will get round to adding people to the investor group.



@Junaid786 I still don’t have my Freetrade one from R4 :joy:, However I’m sure like Ryan said you’ll get it as soon as possible.

But at the end of the day what matters is that you’re now part of the community and on the journey with us!


Do we investor get a special card

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Not at this moment, no. Sorry!


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