Feature request: Block DCC

In my experience, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) never works in the consumers favour and I have encountered merchants breaking Mastercard rules by opting-in customers without permission and then there is the saga of the Euronet ATM’s in tourist hotspots like Praha. In any case, DCC is not a good fit with the Vitracash proposition.

I’d like to suggest a feature that would effectively block DCC by automatically declining non-domestic transactions in the ‘home’ currency. Likewise, Vitracash can respond to the base currency query with the same currency appropriate to the merchant meaning the transaction will always go through in the local currency (similar to the way multi-currency travel prepaid cards work).


Interesting idea, Martin.

Could we not look at integrating - for example - Wise for currency transfers etc? Monzo does this and I believe so does Revolut.

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Would definitely be super-handy :star_struck:, great suggestion @Martin! :+1:

The feature is offered even by some banks :bank:, e.g. mBank Czech. :hugs:


@Martin That’s a fantastic idea and a great solution on how we can solve it from day one. Users would manually have to opt in obviously for something intrusive as that but it’s a great option to prevent yourself from unintentionally overspending on fees.


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