'error when adding the card'

I keep getting ‘error when adding the card’ no matter what card I try and add so I cannot get into my account as it will not go by this page. I have downloaded the app but still this issue

Help please

Hi @Paul_Douglas :wave:
This happened to me as well.
This is probably due the fact that transactions are turned off still as when you add a card Vitra has to verify it with a 0£ charge thus no transaction= inability to add any card.
When transactions are turned back on everything should work fine.
Hope this helps

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Perfect, thanks for the info, i will wait until transactions are turned back on

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why don’t they communicate it?

Hi @tygger :wave:
They did in several occasions
One of the most recent ones (prior to the hacking issue): VitraCash Updates (27/05/22)

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i mean why don’t they communicate CLEARLY that nobody can add or remove a card right now. this is nonsense, sorry: still no fx refunds for affected users, and no clear updates about what’s going on. this seems to be a dead project

I can fully understand your frustration especially with the FX issues that still persists.
What can I suggest you is to iterate your request again contacting support.
With regards to cards management: at this moment you cannot add any card however you may remove one (or more) contacting support.
All that being said again I understand your frustration with the situation as a whole.
I personally hope that,after the whole issue has been resolved Vitra can improve and be a great service.

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My card is currently useless. Not being able to add a card for so long is a disaster. I have one associated card on my account, which I want to replace, but can’t. Anyone know if there’s a forecast for return to normal service?

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Hi @pcuckoo,

Currently, alongside the security fixes being put in place Vitracash is on boarding a new merchant and card provider. These are due to be in place any day now.
Then I would guess internal testing would need to happen and a closed test with a few participants receiving a card to test them in the real world.
We are due an update sometime next week, fingers crosse we get it.


I tried this (message to support) on Thursday: no response, card is still there. As I’ve said: this is nonsense.

Short staffed at the moment by all accounts and all hands on deck in the background on reconfiguration of systems… it’s not dead, just slow response due to the unauthorised access to the system. I’d rather them sort stuff out properly than be impatient.

Also the issue with fx is pocket change… why people are still crying about it I don’t know. Ok if you haven’t had a refund

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We’re crying about it because we have lost whatever amount of money. In my case it’s more than 10 euros. Vitra owes me that money, it doesn’t matter 10 or 1000 euros. Why is it so hard to understand?

You must be hard up to be begging to get what won’t but 20 fags in the UK… they will get round to it eventually when they sorted it all out… suppose you want interest also on that massive 10 euros??

Guys,calm down please!

Honestly I agree that they should refund everything due even if it’s just 1 cent. It’s not a question of the amount but responsibility and trust but still I am sure they will refund everyone. The problem here is they being super busy and please keep in mind that @Ryan is on sick leave (sending good vibes your way Ryan,get well!)
All that being said I am just awaiting for some updates about the cards replacement and surely they will address the other things too.

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No one said about agree or disagree… just all the emails notifications on is about people wanting fx charges… can we just let them get on with it… by the way are the people crying about them investors or just users out of interest. I’m more bothered about the health of the company.

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we’re talking about money. i’m not a friend of vitracash, so if i lose 10, 100 or 1000 euro because of them, i want my money back. and btw i don’t give presents to people i don’t know. once again: it’s a matter of principle

that’s the difference: i don’t care about (whatever) company, i care about my own money. in my whole life

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