Crowdfunding Success Stories

Afternoon all!

With the news recently that Freetrade are raising again on crowdcude, and rumours MoneyBox are also hunting down another £75m through VCs and crowdfunding, do any of us have a successful exits or success stories through crowdfunding?

Freetrade was the first company I invested in, quickly followed by MoneyBox so as they are still around it probably means they are my most successful :sweat_smile: however, I have no failure yet so that’s a positive!

Anyone more experienced than myself have any better stories?


It’s a very good question, I must say


I only started investing in 2020 on crowdcube as the bank I was and am still using for my self employed work said they were doing a raise. Since then I have invested in a spread of 24 companies in total on different sectors.

As long as it says still trading in my eyes is a win and a chance of an exit.

I invested for long term not get rich quick and the tax relief you get on the investment plus when and if an exit becomes available


Well I’ve started with crowdcube / seedrs at the end of 2019. So far just one company from seedrs did an IPO on aquis where the price is still below the seedrs share price despite the company running smoothly.

One company on crowdcube failed.

Two other companies from crowdcube agreed on a partnership together while one of them was raising on crowdcube.

So, so far the results are mixed without a real success story. But I’m also investing for longterm even without the tax relief and I’m pretty sure some of them will fail in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I agree with both of you, it’s definitely a long term plan. I think I got lucky with freetrade being my first investment but it made me with I got in earlier. That definitely made me risk more on ideas before the product has been created.

Vendior sounds like a great idea and I’m looking forward to their beta release in the coming weeks.

I jumped into chip and plum because of the hype surrounding them and did very little research :man_facepalming: I’ve just got to hope thousands of other investors aren’t wrong :joy:

What3Words is an amazing product but in hindsight, I’m struggling to see an exit other than hope they get bought.

Anything anyone has their eyes on currently?


I put some in what3words and think we will do well out it.

Nothing much doing at the moment otherwise.

I’m holding off for a bit now as I have a zero carbon lifestyle to sort out…

I had to edit this as the system don’t allow extra replies…

Just had an email and blind Cupid are coming back for a raise… I put a little into them last year as didn’t have a beta or anything solid. They have one now but needs work and populating with more users.

Dating apps in my opinion are always worth a dabble, how many people use them for dating these days .


I too invested in Freetrade, Chip, MoneyBox and made a successful exit recently when Nutmeg was bought out by JP Morgan, so it shows that there is gains to be made investing in the financial element of the market, especially if you are lucky enough to invest in the next :unicorn: :moneybag::chart_with_upwards_trend:


:unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn:


I never have an eye on something specifically, I often randomly check whats listed there and see if it’s something I like and there is just one at the moment, Freetrade :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Zulfia_Kadarberdieva :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Indo exactly the same! Definitely saving my money for the freetade raise now. The maybe a vitra round 2 :thinking:



I’m looking at a few on CC at the moment.

Anspach & Hobday… because alcohol.

Ecologi… as I’m very for climate change and green things atm.

Listers Brewery… because alcohol.

I’ve just completed a couple: WeFish, Axate (which I think could be a game changer), Buy Me Once and Bird&Blend Tea Co.

I did consider ROUND, but as they stopped their campaign and then restarted it, I’m unsure. Quite a few dropped out over it.


I looked at a lot of those and really liked them but was wary that I’d just be spreading my funds so thinly that it would end up fairly pointless :sweat_smile:

Ecologi did catch my eye though as i do like yo look at projects that will help will climate change going forward. I previously invested in RheEnergise, a company that has a patented fluid 40x denser than water, which in theory could revolutionise hydro-power. I’ve heard very little since though


That’s sadly often a problem. Many companies seem to be open and as soon as they reached their goal they go quiet. That’s why I’m still super happy about the weekly updates on here even if they include sometimes just small changes!

I often look into alcohol companies too… especially if they offer a fair reward :joy: and plan to expand to the EU because shipping alcohol from UK to EU is often a big hurdle.


Very true about the silent treatment… they love you and leave you twiddling your thumbs

Tipjar have a forum like vitra and coconut. About 50% give quarterly updates.


Cannot wait for Wednesday @Ben_Barker R7 raise for Freetrade, hopefully this will follow in Nutmegs footsteps :chart_with_upwards_trend::unicorn::moneybag:


Torn between wanting it to unicorn but also wanting a low valuation to buy even more :sweat_smile:


investors problems lol


Freetrade was my first crowdfunding investment but have some another 12 or so including Vitracash. Very happy with how Freetrade is coming along however the rest I only invested in this year so will be a while till returns actually come in. I’m yet to see any non paper returns.

On another note I’m even debating where I want to buy more shares in Freetrade as I still believe it has potential for growth however I think there may be some better opportunities at this stage. Be interesting to hear another POV


i have been investing on crowdcube since 2014 though only in a small amount of companies so far

emoov £2000 investment - Folded

Fishy filaments £5000 investment in 2017/21 company fairly successful has recently raised further funds at higher valuation estimate current value £20000 ( though no means to redeem as yet)

Fighter shots £2000 fairly recently investment reasonable progress so far

Vitracash £ 2000 early days but i am sure it will be a success

Vendor £2000 early days again

Fidel loyalty £2000 invested in 2014 or 2015 sold in 2021 during a venture capital round for £48,000 a 24x gain on my original outlay
so overall because of that investment very pleased.
though overall i consider all investments on crowdcube to be speculative and only investment what you could afford to lose.


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