CrowdCube Import: What is Curve current share price?

Kris78 wrote:
Hi team Vitra, Do you know what current share price Curve (your main competitor) has? Thank you Regards

Kris78 wrote:
I was hoping I’d at least get some sort of answer but I didn’t expect to be ignored, wow. The reason I was asking the question above was to get a rough image of what picture might be in terms of share price because I couldn’t find any information.

VitraCash wrote:
@Kris78 That’s not publicly available as Curve is a private company. You can look up their last CrowdCube round to check out the share price back then. Though that was 2019 so it may be outdated now.

As VitraCash say the last Curve funding round was in 2019. At that time you received 25 shares for £100 investment.

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