CrowdCube Import: Is this really solving an "issue"?

Martin2048 wrote:
I must admit I never had any issues for years with regular credit cards. I have 2 cards, visa for domestic payments and revolut for everything else. How would VitraCash help? I am confused by the issues that the video is alluding to! Would customers pay money for a VitraCash card?


VitraCash wrote:
Hi @Martin2048

Our algorithm makes lives easier by automating the selection process in your mind when you are in front of the cashier.
Besides, we also have great analytics and spendings across all your accounts so you get back your financial freedom and control over your finances.

That being said many people own much more cards and can relate much better to the issue we are solving.

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Martin2048 wrote:
Thanks for your reply
Hmm, well I remain unconvinced of the utility to be honest, but you guys must see it

It’s probably not a major issue for yourself, Martin, with just 2 cards, but as one who holds a number of debit, credit cards and accounts, for a number of reasons (all legal of course) it is often difficult to know which card or account is the best to use when abroad. Different rates of exchange, different charges, reward cards, cash back offers etc. I’d find it really useful to have something such as the Vitra card to get over the problem!

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