Competition Time! 🎉


Sign Up Referral Competition

Hi everyone!

While we wait for things in the background, we’ve come up with a competition for our Investors and forum users.

The best bit is, it’s super-duper easy.

What can I win?!
We’re giving away up to £/€100 in Amazon gift cards to those who invite people to sign up to our waiting list.

AND… as long as you invite one person who signs up, you will be in with a chance of winning 1 of our big prizes. We have 2 x £/€100 gift cards and 1 x £/€250 gift card ON TOP of any of the other rewards we’re offering below!

How do I participate?
If you haven’t done so already, head to and click ‘Request Access’. Pop your email in and a referral code will be presented.


Take your referral link and give it to your friends and family, or post it on social media! The more referrals you get, the more you can win.

What are the referral thresholds?
As long as a person signs up with your referral code, we’ll reward you with £/€5 for every 5 people that sign up using your link. (Unless you’re a super-inviter…)

John invites 15 people before the end date, he would receive a £15 gift card.
Jenny invites 27 people before the end date, she would receive a €25 gift card.
Sophie invites 50 people before the end date, she would receive a £75 gift card!
Lucas invites 75 people before the end date, he would receive a €100 gift card!

Should you be a super-inviter and invite more than 75 people who sign up, you’ll get the £/€100 gift card and some merch*!

The Small Print

How long is the competition open for?
The competition runs from today (15 June 2021) through to the end of the month, 30 June 2021.

I’ve already referred people, do they count?
Yes, your previous referrals count.

What merch could I win?
Once our new name has been decided and we have had goodies and merch printed up, we’ll send you a selection of goodies :wink:


  • We will remove invalid and one time email addresses, and will disqualify people who try to abuse our waitlist at our discretion.
  • This is a first come first served competition, and we may end it earlier than advertised if the winnings exceed a predetermined amount.

I sadly don’t know that many people to invite! :grin:
But good luck to everyone :smiley:


You can still post it on Twitter for example & anyone who signs up with your link will still count!

Even 1 person & you can still win big.

Good luck to everyone!


I’ll be sending this to every single one of the 4 people I know!


Welcome @Ben_Barker :rofl:


Do I get a cool badge for being a crowdcube investor?


@ryan hands out the badges if we are good and on his special list.


I’ll be on my best behaviour :+1:t2:


Lol :joy:

Sometimes I feel it’s better to have just a few friends , but those who really care …

Like we say in Russia :ru: “Friends Are those ,who help you to hide a body if you killed someone” :joy:

I have maybe 3,5 people like this including my mom :joy::joy::joy:

Americans I know often have thousands of “friends”, but somehow they manage to feel lonely and left alone in hard situations


Girl, just gimmie a call whenever you need. I’ll cross the border into Russia and act straight to help you!


This is why @Amalia_Vorobeva and @Zulfia_Kadarberdieva has two lives. One is sassy :woman_cartwheeling:, the other you wouldn’t want to meet late at night :eyes:


Thats exactly it! But now I’m curious as to whether they’ve been called upon yet…


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