Community Updates

We have now added some amazing new additions to our existing features within the Community Forum.

Read on to find out more…


It is my pleasure to announce the addition of reactions for posts! You just place your mouse to hover over the ‘heart’ (or hold down if you’re on your phone), and you’ll see this:


We will add more reactions as the community grows.


The original poster, and staff, now have the ability to select a reply to a topic as a solution. This is only in use within #help and #help:bugs.

The idea for this allows everyone to see the accepted solution within the first post, to save having to scroll all the way through a topic for it.

In addition to 'Solved’

When someone creates a topic in #help, #help:bugs or #site-feedback, a ticket will be created in our Helpdesk so we can ensure that an answer is given - either by someone on the forum, or through a staff member in reply to the ticket.


Users can now vote for their favourite ideas from other members of the community.


It is displayed by the title of the topic you are reading. This feature only works within #feature-request. As long as you have a trust level of 1 and above, you have 10 votes which you can use at any one time across different ideas.

This allows us - the staff - to see what features are wanted sooner by users.

BB Code

We have allowed the use of BB Code - a widely used code on forums - to be used by everyone. This works alongside our current markdown type of editing.

[b]your text here[/b]  [i]your text here[/i]  [u]your text here[/u]

(There are other codes available like size, colour etc, you can do a simple Google search to find these!)

We have also added a couple of things for staff to use in their routine.




Also just noticed this chat? icon this evening.

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Good eye Steve!

Yes, this is now a way of contacting us which is still under development for us.

This is the same chat that will be available within our apps once they launch!


Small thing, I use discourse hub app on iOS where you can manage other discourse communities you are a member of in one place rather than via multiple web urls. The instant chat icon covers a minimising icon that allows you to swap between discourse sites.


Hey Steve. I know, I have the same. You can still minimise by pressing slightly to the bottom left of the pop up. It works for me.

There was a feature when you could double tap the logo on quick succession and it would minimise too, but Discord seem to have removed it.


Well the Android version has just a rating from 2.8 so I never even tried it. Luckily Chrome offers at least on Android a web-based “App” so I keep them all in a folder and can access them also Quickly enough :smile:

But yeah it covers also the post number, but it’s okay I think. IMG_20210902_152516


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