Community Updates (Mid-September)

Community Updates for Mid September

Hi all!

There are a couple of new updates for the Community today.

Firstly: When it’s your birthday, a :birthday: will appear beside your username, so make sure you have your birthday filled in on your profile!

Secondly: When it’s the yearly anniversary of the day you signed up to the forum, in true Reddit style, it’s your cake day and therefore a :cake: will appear beside your username.

These 2 updates will help bring the community together and share in each others’ joy.

Blog: Now when we post a blog or anything, a new topic will be automatically created. It’ll appear in the #news-blogs category, and will look something like this:

It’ll display the Blog Title as the topic title, and enables everyone to discuss it in a centralised thread. I can also not forget to post about a blog anymore. :tada:

And finally for today, we have now enabled ‘Who’s Online’. This will enable other users to see who’s online at the same time as them, in multiple ways.

First, from the main page:


and through the profile popup of a user


I will note here that I don’t believe that the green dot will be what you see as in the settings it is set to a green ring around the profile picture - but hey, maybe the dot doesn’t look all that bad so I might update it to that.

As always, any questions or comments, you know what to do! :point_down:

Signing off for now,



Nice updates, I can see them working :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @Matt_Lester! I hope you have an awesome day!


Oh wow indeed already someone who can test it :smiley: congratz and happy bday @Matt_Lester :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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