Card ordering, App Crash


i tried to order a physical card but the app crashes or i cant click on the fields to select a pin code.
On my Mac Air M1 i can put in my address and a pin code but the app crashes, on my iPhone 12 Pro Max i can put in my address but every time i click on a field of the pin code nothing shows up to enter the pin code i want. It seems like the 4 boxes are locked.


Same for me on an iPhone 13.

  • First attempt I entered my address, then a default pin, and on hitting submit the app crashed.
  • Any subsequent attempt I can re-enter my address but then cannot get past the pin-screen as all input fields are locked.

Hello !
Are you ordering your card to the same county as your document comes from?

There might be problems if you try to order a card to a county, where you are not allowed to live (according to the documents you submitted )

But I am not sure it’s the only problem though


Ordering the card to my main address where all my documents issued in germany.


Strange. We had only 2 people, who couldn’t order a card and both are from Germany :face_with_monocle:

We will investigate it as soon as possible


No Germany for me.

ID Document & mailing address are both UK.


Oh okay . I see… we are on it :woman_technologist:


I’m from Germany and was able to order one without an issue.

But isn’t most of the Vitra team Austrian living in the UK? How did you hot fix the documents issue? :smiley:


We can still send a card to another country if a person provides address verification :slight_smile:

My very first card was delivered to Austria though…. So I had an Austrian document and ordered my card to Vienna :slight_smile:

But VitraCash tries to do it as convenient as possible for everyone.

If you live in Germany and your passport is from Poland we won’t ask for an address verification until it becomes necessary

Both @JWB and @FlareCO were now able to order their physical cards. Thank you both for your collaboration.

The problem here was, that the very first ordered physical card was rejected.
Possible reasons :

  1. The address should be in the country you are allowed to live in
  2. The PIN should be strong. PINS LIKE 1111 or 1234 would be rejected automatically and the app would break (the error handling is being worked on)

If you have a similar problem:

  • Check your verification status
  • Check the address (If your documents are from the same country - it’s fine )
  • Try to upgrade to IOS 15
  • Reinstall the app (delete it properly in advance)
  • Try to order again using a STRONG PIN

If it still doesn’t work please contact the team in any way
If you are experiencing any other problems - do not hesitate to report