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Hi I’m a Curve user.

they recently changed their economic conditions forcing me to switch to a paid plan to take advantage of all the card’s features.
I found your service on the internet but there are some issues that are not clear to me.

  1. is the card usable in Italy with payments in Euros? my bank accounts are all in Euro currency (€)
  2. if I pay € 100 in a physical store, do I suffer some surcharge due to exchange rates or am I charged € 100?
  3. how many cards can I add within the app?
  4. do you have subscriptions or is the card completely free? except for the £ 10 shipping.
  5. if I withdraw € 100 from an ATM, will I be subject to an increase in the exchange rate?
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Hi @bender86 , welcome to Vitracash.

Those questions were answered even yesterday, in another thread.
I suggest a quick search before opening a new thread. Even searching for “curve” would get you answers.

Try this one:


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I saw this post but it doesn’t answer questions 2 and 5.

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I guess those are not very explicit.

I’m sure @Koray will shed some light, here, as soon as the other problem is sorted out.


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some news?

Are currency correct in these 2 question? Because as they are written I don’t understand what you mean.

I would like to know if the card handles payments and withdrawals in euros. if I make a purchase of 100 euros or a withdrawal of 100 euros, does the amount remain 100 euros or is it converted into 100 pounds?

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If the base card is in Euro, you will be charged in Euros.

I have tried and tested that, back in the good old days of Beta testing.