Card account blocked

i have just created my account and submitted verification video which i took in the dark as it’s 12 in the uk and registered my jeeves card and within 5 minute i have received a notification that my account is blocked

i don’t understand the reason is it because i took the selfie in dark or something else

no customer support or complaint team as i am coming from curve and never had a single decline since but this new competition is good however doing exactly the opposite by just not even giving reason or any help

very disappointed


Hello Rajm and welcome to the Vitracash Community :wave:
I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with the verification process.
Please email as they can look into this for you.

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Hi @Rajm

If your verification needs to be manually approved, which is the reason you’ll have been temporarily blocked, it can take a day or two to be completed.

We are still a startup and don’t do verifications at midnight just yet.

Your verification will be reviewed soon.

I am sorry that you are disappointed, but there are a couple of ways you can get in contact with us, including the forum which you have done. It is designed to be faster for people than waiting for support email responses.




HI Ryan, thanks for the update, it is strange as your app is saying it is blocked and we can not offer you a card, however, you are saying that it needs manual verification, Please check the attached image and clarify if this is the case?

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Hi @Rajm

It is due to security and the fact we haven’t manually verified that we can’t offer you a card yet, so this screenshot is correct.

Once your verification has been manually verified, you’ll receive an email detailing the outcome.


But the text says different it says offer one at the moment. That seems quite confusing and I can understand why he asked. Btw did you hear from that processing firm when transactions will be back?

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hi Ryan

i still didn’t get any reply and now as soon as i login the app just crash

i tried to delete and reinstall but the same outcome

can you check ? if it’s approved or not and what is the issue as it shouldn’t take this long !

@Ryan what is the support email ?

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Hi @Rajm you’ll need to email support as I can’t take your information from the forum to check in to it.

@Sladen we have said we will announce when transactions will be turned back on when we’re ready to do it. This isn’t linked to a 3rd party issue.