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This is our new home of bug reporting. This is to ensure that especially in our early days, bugs are not clogging up the customer service queues. Being on our forum also allows other users to see if it's been reported, and any update/fix posted by staff.

When you create a topic in this category, you will see the following template:

Please give as many details about the bug are you reporting as possible:
Where are you seeing this bug? (i.e iOS App, account screen)
If on one of our apps, what version of your software are you using, and what build of our app? (i.e iOS 15, Build 1.1)
When did you first notice the bug? dd/mm/yy

Please add any screenshots you were able to take.

Please post in this format, as it enables us to locate and fix bugs as quick as possible. By attaching screenshots, you are also helping us see it from your point of view, and therefore whenever reporting a bug, we do encourage you to upload at least 1 screenshot, however, this won’t always be possible and is not a requirement.

If you require any assistance with this category, please contact a member of staff.

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