Bank/Account Support

Bank/Account Support

As we all know, there are always new banks and or types of accounts opening within not just the FinTech scene, but general banking area.

If you happen to have one of those accounts that we don’t currently support, you can request us to look into it by posting below.

While this doesn’t automatically mean will we instantly support it; it does mean we can see what types of accounts are getting the most interest.

Below are two lists, both of which will be constantly updated as and when things change. The first list is currently supported banks and accounts, the second being a list of banks and accounts we are looking at supporting (and where possible, a timeframe of when we hope to be able to implement this support).

Currently Supported Banks and Accounts :white_check_mark:

  • Barclays Bank (UK)
  • HSBC (UK)
  • Monzo (UK)
  • Wise (UK)
  • Natwest (UK)
  • Halifax (UK)
  • Santander (UK)

Banks/Accounts we are looking into :hourglass_flowing_sand:

  • AmericanExpress (No time frame)
  • JP Morgan/Chase (No time Frame)

When asking us to look into a bank or account you are interested in, please use the following format:

Bank/Account Name:
Type of Account:
Any useful links/info:

Last Updated: 11 October 2021


JP Morgan Chase
General/Current Account

Debit Mastercard offering 1% cashback on mist purchases


Bank/Account Name : buddybank powered by UniCredit
Type of Account : main account
Any useful links/info :

Bank/Account Name : Revolut
Type of Account : second account
Any useful links/info :

Bank/Account Name : Illimity Bank
Type of Account : second account
Any useful links/info :


Bank/Account Name : Volksbank
Type of Account : General Account
Any useful links/info :
Here and Here

2nd Accounts:
Bank/Account Name : iCard
Type of Account : second account
Any useful links/info : Here and here

Bank/Account Name :
Type of Account : second account
Any useful links/info :

Bank/Account Name : Vivid, Tomorrow and co
Type of Account : second account
Any useful links/info : They use the Api from Solarisbank

And of course Revolut but it’s listed already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Bank/Account Name : Santander / Mundo 123
Type of Account : General account
Any useful links/info: Mundo 123 - Um Mundo para Si

Debit and Credit card from the Mastercard network, 1% cashback on all purchases made with the credit card, 2% cashback from utilities bills with direct debit from the account, 3% cashback from the annual property tax and the toll bills, discount on Repsol fuels.


Probably any NatWest, Halifax, Lloyd’s etc as I imagine most people have and account with at least one of the bigger banks



Natwest / Select


Recently got my companion voucher…


I would like to see support for Solarisbank too.
And HypoVereinsbank (a UniCredit) sub.


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