Are there still ongoing global issues?

Hi all. I’ve still not received my card after registering earlier in the year, and now I can neither log in or (re)register - it says my phone number is incorrect, which isn’t the case.

I see on other updates that there have been some back end issues. Is this still the case?

What is the situation with sending out cards?


Hello @Feanor,

In response to the breach, all systems are offline and Vitracash are migrating to a different card provider. This means the app won’t work at the moment, either. I imagine once the platform issues are resolved, customers will begin to receive their replacement cards.

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Vitra is a total failure … in my opinion it will never see the light … the hacker attack has destroyed them further. It is currently a dead project. I no longer believe in anything … Too many broken promises…



I went through the authentication process in January , have a card that has never been able to be used and generally also feel that something is very, very wrong with @VitraCash overall.

I’m actually extremely annoyed that I signed up for the beta back in September last year and while I reported several bugs costing me time to report them, I have not been able to use my card.

And of course my attached cards received unwanted charges that had to be reversed, losing me in one case an unquantifiable amount as the card credited me back in euros which I had to then convert back to GBP without knowing the actual amount of GBP originally (a quirk in how cards handle transactions)

There is a ‘promise’ to replace the Vitracash cards, but sadly no action!

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This couldn’t have happened for VitraCash at a worst time, as Curve has lost the plot via the change of subscription for free users, and VitraCash was placed to clean up. This attack has knocked VitraCash for 6. I’m sure they’ll get back up stronger but there’s only so many false starts a company like VitraCash can have before people lose interest.

It’s incredibly interesting…


Why don’t you just leave then?

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Come on there’s no need to match negativity with negativity of your own. I know it’s upsetting to read but sometimes (I need this advice more then anyone else) we just need to let it go.

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Thanks for the explanations everyone.

As for the negativity - this was always a punt. I’m hopeful the team can turn it around, but for every startup you hear about where investors made £££ there are 10 or more where investors lost everything except their tax rebates. You usually don’t hear about those failures. If you’re so despondent about one of your startups maybe failing then perhaps you invested out of a sense of euphoria rather than a risk-benefit analysis; we’ve all been there, but investing based on that sort of emotion isn’t a good approach.

I invested because I believe that such a technology is badly needed. That’s why I’m invested in curve, card Blanch, Vitra and Benjamin Capital (similar but between the lines they will do two things at once).
If Vitra is not capable to turn around then I’m ok. But still I hope they will change their amateur behaviour and go back to the quite professional and innovative feeling that I had at the end of last year. I just wonder what happened since then. Hopefully they used this time to rebuild the parts of their software stack that they noticed was troublesome. That might help in the long run