Apple/Android Pay (& others)

I would definitely like to see Vitra be accepted on Apple Pay. I am trying not to carry a wallet as much, so rely a lot on Apple Pay through my phone or Watch.

Is this in the plan for Vitra?

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Ditto for Google Pay, please. :smiley:

Would Fitpay be too much this early in the product development? (Incredibly, I do actually leave home without my phone sometimes)


Hi Ryan & Martin,

adding support for Apple Pay/Google Pay is definitely a top priority for us as we know a lot of people are starting to use only or almost only mobile payment methods and we obviously want them to be able to use their VitraCard.


I’m not familiar with the specific of FitBit so I obviously can’t give you a definitive answer on when and if but adding support for widely used mobile payment methods (such as FitBit) is something we definitely going to look into adding, though most likely not until after the launch.


Thanks Ben. Sounds great!

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Update on this (CC: @Petr)

As Apple and Google Pay are extremely expensive to support, we will only begin implementation of them after our next funding round.

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