App design - Attractive UI/UX


There are so many OUT THERE!

Some are nice and easy to use, some not so much.

I’d be grateful if you could share your thoughts on app design in general.
Maybe you have a favourite app, which you love to use, because of exceptional user experience? (my personal favourites are Revolut old version and Airbnb for renters (not for hosts))
Did you ever get so frustrated with an app that you uninstalled it immediately?

What do you think about black (dark) background apps?


In Italy, there are some that are not optimised for iPhone XS and later… Some have not been updated for 2/3 years


I know, right? I think some old and rich companies are not really paying attention to their apps…and web services …

Startups are usually better, aren’t they?


Not always. For example, my main account has a nice app, but the functionality is horrible… they did an “invite a friend” ref campaign and released codes that don’t work. They updated the app and removed some important notifications… I think in italy, there are no good DEVs.


I’m a fan of the dark background, find it easier on the eyes.

I have often encountered apps that have a desktop website. Picking out the functionally from the desktop website to expose on the app is important.

I’ve used apps for many years then gone into the desktop website to find out I’ve been missing out on lots of additional functionality. So perhaps highlighting in app what additional features are available.

Then there is the middle ground of mobile websites that are a blend of app and desktop functionality.

Additional thoughts…

Small thing but a personalised greeting when you open the app is nice. ‘Good morning Ryan‘; ‘Good evening Zulfia’.

Dislike apps with too much scrolling without a way to easily get back to the top.

  1. How to" highlight in-app what additional features are available"?

This is an interesting and a VERY IMPORTANT topic actually

Many features - Hard to use
Easy to use - not so many features

Do you have any examples where a company managed to add a huge functionality to the app, but the app is still easy and fun to use?

  1. Something different and Usability

Have you seen bunq app? They have a very special design, they tried to make it very different from other FinTechs and they did it! But I could not understand the app and just closed my account. Joompay instead is easy to use, but the design is just simple and “common”.
What do you think about it?

  1. I love dark backgrounds too! But they’re not so many people thinking this way

Do you really notice these things? Do they really make you feel good?

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I agree with @Steve with the personal touches. And I’ve got a little comparison as well.

Other things I’d like to see are simplicity, pick a colour scheme and stick with it. My 2 comparison are Monzo and Chase. For me, i love the simplicity is the Chase design and the added personal touch at the top.
Monzo has so much going on, i actually think it’s pretty ugly. I might be on my own with that


Aahah. I am not really sure if devs could do something about it. Isn’t it the responsibility of a UX/Product designer?

What notifications were important for you there? What exactly do you miss in this app?


A privacy mode that can be toggled on or off. So if you are in a public setting such as a train and you are looking for a particular transaction, sensitive details such as the account balance, your name and account type can be hidden.

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Before the last update everything worked :joy::sweat_smile:

When I used to pay with my card, I would get the notification in the app… now I don’t get the notification anymore :sweat_smile: for me now very important this thing.


Yes Zulfia, I do.

No, pisses me off.

based on your screenshots, I would not know where to press in Monzo app

What exactly the “payments” tab in Chase app does? Transfers?


Certainly a tough one to balance.

Just need to make sure that there isn’t a lot effort being made to add functionality into a desktop version that app users aren’t aware of.

Personally I use my iPhone for managing pretty much everything via apps and the occasional mobile website.

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Pretty much exactly that


Interesting is that Monzo and Chase have “Support” and “Help” tabs so visible. I feel like Revolut is trying to hide it lately (maybe they just have too many features).

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@Zulfia_Kadarberdieva - This is the app I’m talking about :slight_smile:


Another feature I find annoying, and other may disagree as it’ll be to prevent fraud, is the memorable data and having to input certain letters of a pass code. For example;

Enter the 3rd, 6th and 7th letter of you pass code

Surely if some has my details they’re getting in anyway and this us just slowly me and them down slightly?


Thank you for sharing -INTERESTING. I don’t know what is it, but sounds cool - BUDDYBANK :blush:

Yes, notifications are surely very important.
I have an account in one VERY ESTABLISHED AND OLD WEALTHY Bank, and they send push notifications, but only show your transactions (in app feed) in 2-3 working days :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: LOL WHAT

I know! I hate it so much :sob:
But here I can say - Neobanks are hardly regulated and they have to make sure… YOU are using your card and not someone else

One of the Neobanks I use shows me 4 random transactions and asks me which one is made by me in the last week… Sometimes the right answer is “I do not recognize any of these transactions”…and only if i answer correctly I can proceed with my online transaction :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi, Please make things easy to find, such as a log off button. Lloyds group recently moved it and at first it was difficult to find. I couldn’t really see any good reason to move it in the first place - if it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it!

Also please please, before going into huge expence with an app which is poorly designed, get some advice from the RNIB or similar as some people have great difficulty seeing some colour schemes and fonts. As an example of poor colours, and font size, see the OFX app! Some of the text is very small and is a very pale grey on white which is almost impossible to make out.

That’s a nightmare! Very hard for anyone to see, let alone someone woth poor eyesight or partially blind too!

Funnily I thought Revolut’s help screen was easy to find - just click your photo on the app and help is there. Maybe Monzo and Chase users need more help than Revolut app users???


For myself I really enjoy the Revolut UI lately.
You have Notifications in the top right corner together with easy to access analytics and your favorites and your profile in the left corner.
You’re able to define the menu band beneath it (re-arrange options, remove them or add them) and a Hub where everything is listed. Also they finally added (not so long a go) a dark mode which was, despite @Zulfia_Kadarberdieva assumption about dark backgrounds, a highly requested feature for years in their forum. Especially with more and more phones getting amoled screens which even saves battery if the background is black/dark. Also they have a easy to access search function if you swipe down where you can search for literally everything. From transactions, to help pages and options.

All in all it’s a super easy to use app nowdays (after a few horibble design changes) and counts for me into many options still easy to use (if you know how)

Despite that I mostly agree with what everyone else said already :smiley:

But one fact, which I really hate. Many apps, especially for what ever reason, financial apps, can’t write my name right because the “ö”. So my name is Sören and they often either make it to Sren or Soren. I mean c’mon it shouldn’t be to hard to implement that one. I’m okay if someone calls me Soeren or Soren instead of Sören since they don’t have that key on their keyboard. But it’s an app which simply stores my data which is why I moved over to register with Soeren instead of Sören on many new fintech apps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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