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I saw the instagram advert about Vitra and as a user of Curve, I was immediately interested. I have even signed up to the BETA testing for Vitra (did this for Curve too).

I am sure as you all know, Curve had their issues with AMEX and lost their loosing battle.

I saw on the instagram advert, it does advertise AMEX as a card you can add to your Mastercard debit card. How does Vitra aim to keep AMEX an option and not face the same reasons that decided they would remove themselves from AMEX?

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Hi Karan

We have spoke about this a lot on the forum;

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When I click on “On Another Topic” I get redirected to a page:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

When I search American Express on the top right, nothing shows up for me. Do you have a direct URL for the topic?

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You can’t view the actual topic as it’s in the investors forum; however the answer says

In general, we are working with our partner called Checkout which enables us to take part in all of those schemes. This means we will instantly have access to all of them without special permission/relationships required.” [Koray mentions about an instance with Curve and why they were blocked. If you want more information, you can Google it. He also mentions DCC. Florian mentions the reason Curve became blocked was a very specific case.

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