Alternative names

With a poll coming on possible name changes I thought it worth starting a thread where we can suggest alternative names for the poll.

We have Fusion and we already have some interesting draft card designs using that name.

My wife, who studied and has worked in business marketing and has a knack for this sort of thing, suggested Crystal. The metaphor works for the function - it’s the crystal through which all your other cards can be used. And it can be adapted to CrystalPay and/or CrystalCard. If Vitra brings trademark problems the former could be the name of the company and the latter the name of the card, but if we are able to keep the company name it could just be Vitra Crystal.

The card could also come in a sparkly version which would appeal as a novelty for large chunks of our target market (although not for other parts, so less sparkly options would need to be available). Maybe a partially translucent design with sparkly stuff in the translucent bit might appeal to some too.

Just some ideas - any others?


I think disregarding the card discussion in a name thread, we have the card discussion going on in another thread.

I don’t personally like Crystal. I note your explanation, and get how it would work, but I don’t think it’s right.

Fusion, I do like. It is obvious what fusion means, whereas crystal, all I honestly think of is washing powder or stain remover.

FusionPay/FusionCash sounds better (personally) to me than Crystal alternatives.

I know a poll will be held soon about the name; however not entirely sure of the wording.


Regarding FUSION we are thinking of only using it as a strapline not a name. Though it might also make sense as a name, something we’ll think about before the poll.


Possible variations on “Crystal”

  • Krystal
  • Quarz
  • Kvarz
  • Crystallo
  • Kristall

Maybe it was just the spelling then; because my god Krystal looks better than Crystal and I don’t understand why.

I do like Quarz and Kvarz though. Almost wants me to visit a link with it in to find out more. Like down a rabbit hole.


BTW, I didn’t include “Quartz” because its used widely as both a brand and product name.

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It took me a good 3 attempts with autocorrect to get it right :joy:

I like them though. It’s different - and unique. That’s what Vitra has to push for now seeing as some other company has pushed up an idea :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: (cough Curve cough)


I really like the name „Krystal“ but we also had another question regarding the name „Vitra“ is it the pronunciation or rather the writing that you see as the Problem? We have also been thinking of going towards dropping the „Cash“ and naming the different items instead, VitraCard for the Card, VitraPay for the system, etc.

Do people dislike Vitra or just VitraCash?


I’d been pronouncing it wrong until I watched a Facebook video.

I’d been saying V-eye-tra, not vit-ra, but then I think a lot of different people and localities will say it differently.

Vitra is going to be a trademark challenge on its own, I can tell you now as I had someone from “vitra.” contact me on LinkedIn trying to hire me a few weeks back.

I think VitraCash is just following in the steps of ApplePay etc, and not sure if we should maybe try and find our own one word name like fusion, that can encompass everything we do?


@ben “Vitracash” sounds like a crypto token and, in any case, Vitra is really about card payment transactions not coins or banknotes (fiat cash). I do quite like the sub-branding “VitraCard” and “VitraPay”. VitraCard could be the physical card and VitraPay a virtual card, for example.


I like these. I definitely wasn’t married to the Cash!


That is exactly what we’re thinking of going towards as it also helps in the long run for when we expand and offer other services the naming will be way more unified.


I really like the multi-lingual approach in terms of alternative spellings!

I fully agree with Ryan that Vitra is likely to be a problem in terms of trademarks. I hope it isn’t, as I’ve grown to like it - but it took a while for me to stick in my head and I’m not sure it’ll work well in the UK.

That said, I really don’t like VitraCash - as mentioned in the other forum I think it’s a bit of a mouthful for the native English tongue. If you can get passed trademark issues then just Vitra is fine, or otherwise I agree with Martin about VitraPay or VitraCard.

I’m very aware though that I’ve got to be particularly careful about how representative my sense for language and names is for other native English speakers as I’ve lived abroad in non-English speaking countries for probably 2/3 of my adult life, so my sense for language and names has changed.

It’s certainly very difficult to find a name that appeals and sticks across cultures. I agree that Fusion works; I never thought of washing powder with Crystal, but certainly we need to be aware of odd product associations names might bring up. If Krystal works for people and avoids those associations, then great!

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Just incase others haven’t seen it; this is the other vitra we (or at least I) speak of;

As you can see the font is scarily similar to the one we have right now :exploding_head:

Definitely +1 here; being a native Brit living in Sweden now, it certainly sounds more like something I’d expect to see in Sweden/The Nordics, and agree that I can’t see the wider UK-market being intrigued by it? (Not sure if intrigued is the right word usage here, but hopefully you get what I mean?)

I think this is my UK-brain thinking here, so please I hope I didn’t offend by saying it; here’s an image of what I instantly thought of though;


I think this goes I hand with what I said above, having the sense of different languages you pick things up and Vitra doesn’t sounds UK-based


English is definitely the problem because of the relatively few words with “vit” as the root. Vitra works better in other European languages. The only alternative I can come up with that works in both English and non-English is “Vitrx” which people would pronounce as vit-recks, vi-tracks, vi-triks or vi-trooks depending on their language family. So the sub-brands would be Vitrx Card and VitrxPay.

AFAIK, Vitrx is not used widely as an existing company, trademark or brand name.


Not sure why; but I love this pronunciation. Just made me giggle.

I agree with the English not having many words for vit, which is surprising seeing as we can have a sentence with 5 ands consecutively and it make sense.

I like these options though - think I prefer the name @Feanor came up with and the K spelling, or Kvarz.

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Thanks @Feanor for your input. We will consider it in the upcoming poll.


For me, just “Vitra” is fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, I like the name and it’s also easy to pronounce in Czech :czech_republic: - in opposite to for example Curve, which is horrible to pronounce in Czech and also it’s very similar to a Czech pejorative name for a female prostitute :dancer: (“kurva”).

I like the triangle logo, too. :heart_eyes:

So for me, I would stick with “Vitra” name and the triangle logo. You can then use “Vitra Card”, “Vitra Pay”, “Vitra Send” or anything else. :+1: I like it much more than “Fusion” or “Crystal”, not mentioning “Kvarz” (or however you spell it)… :nauseated_face:

Just my opinion. :wink:


Name idea:

This card should be a first choice, before using any particular card you have. It’s your Plan A (and only plan!).

Plan A - definition:
" an action or set of actions for doing or achieving something that is preferred to other methods"

“Plan A” name is obviously is overkill, but simply Plana is very clean and original name.


Quite rightly! :wink:

I really like the simplicity of this. We’re thinking of unique names, but actually some of the most unique are the most simplistic, clean ones.

Something along the lines of this sounds great. Such a good idea!