22lb giant Gold Coin produced by Royal Mint

The Royal Mint in Wales have today unveiled a giant 22lb (or ~10kg) Gold coin with a value of £10,000.

Produced to mark the end of The Queen’s Beasts commemorative coin collection, it took over 400 hours to make, including 4 whole days of polishing.

The coin is 8inches (20cm) wide, brings together all 10 beasts used in the commemorative collection, which includes a unicorn, horse, greyhound, falcon and others.

The Royal Mint said they used traditional and innovative technology to complete the feat, with some parts still being done by hand.

I think this is a gorgeous coin, what are your thoughts?!

Images: BBC/Royal Mint

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It looks amazing, but it does sort of look bigger than 20cm wide in the picture :thinking:


I was thinking this myself! It looks more of a dinner plate size to me, about 10/12inches

I wouldn’t eat off the coin though, well, if I had the money, maybe I would, but sadly I do not :joy:


I’d roll it out and shape it into a massive parabolic dish and use it to warm water or increase solar power to make it pay for itself.

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